Weight loss mission by New Years!

For the past few months I have completely stopped working out and even intermittent fasting. Today is officially December 1st and I have decided that I would love to lost 5 to 10 pounds by December 31st. I am currently at my heaviest weight of 303.2. I am going to be intermittent fasting starting with 14 hours (I had a lot of success with 14 hours before) along with working out almost daily. I do have an Apple Watch and I would love to get to 10,000 steps or more a day. I am so bad about drinking water… I know I know – horrible! So I am going to try to aim for anything over 100 oz of water a day even though technically I should be drinking at least 150 oz since I am 303 pounds (half your weigh in oz of water daily is what is usually recommended.) I will be sharing my journey on here and I hope you follow along 🙂

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