Fall in love with taking care of yourself!

Yesterday was day 2 of my weight loss journey and I felt tired mainly because it was also a long work day for me but I pushed through. I talked for 2.5 miles just like day 1 and I hit my 10k step goal and ended the day at 10,417; fasted for 14 hours and drank about 80 oz of water. I really need to be better about my water intake but at least its still better than what I was drinking before which was less than 30 oz if I am being honest. I weighed myself yesterday morning and I was sadly up 1.4 lbs but its ok. I’m not giving myself a hard time seeing as it was just day 2 yesterday. I personally like to weigh myself every morning before eating or drinking anything. Do I weigh myself every single day? No but I do try to especially when I am trying to lose weight.

Right now I am just mainly concentrating on cardio for the most part…mainly walking. I injured my elbow a few months ago and turns out I have tennis elbow so I have been told not to do any strength training until I am healed. I have tried a few times to do in the past but I just end up in a lot of pain and super sore so I just stopped – at least for now. I even bought 2 lb weighs to use and sometimes even that can be too much for my elbow (ugh)

Anyways on to day 3 now…

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