One week update…

A week ago today I started my weight loss journey and my goal is to lose anywhere from 5 to 10 pounds by New Years eve. I started off with my weight as 303.2 which is insane. I recently only got into the 300s and I absolutely hate it and am so mad and frustrated with myself. This is not my highest tho, just a short few weeks ago I was 305.2 now that was my highest ever and I cried that day when I saw that number. Like I mentioned in my last blog post I was about to start my period after not having my period for over 2 months (thanx PCOS) and because it took so long my symptoms is so much more worse. I had horrible anxiety, and nausea over the weekend and I usually get anxiety, nausea and tiredness anywhere from a couple of days to a week in a half before I get my period. I finally got my period last night and this morning when I had to step on the scale I knew that my weight would not be what I was hoping to see because I am just so bloated and all. I was shocked to see that my weight was 302.6 – for some reason I was expecting it to be over 305. I have lost 0.6 pounds since I started this journey a week ago and honestly I think if I wasn’t on my period right now maybe the loss would be a little more but there’s always next Wednesday.

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